Who we are?

383 Liger is an independently owned investment firm that seeks opportunities to invest via an actively managed portfolio of companies exposed to Energy, Mining and Technology across 3 continents. The core focus of our investments is on the management of global equity portfolios. Our investment team has been managing portfolios since 2003. Over that time period we have consistently outperformed our benchmark and the majority of our peers. 383 Liger is a well-capitalised and profitable business with diverse revenue streams. We are proud to be 100% internally funded and do not seek nor accept external investors. 383 Liger is committed to projects on a local scale involving raising awareness, creating local jobs and preserving the environment. To find out more please browse our site or contact us.


27 FEBRUARY 2014

383 Liger is going to create a water reservoir on the river Scinawa Niemodlinska in the Opole region. “Municipalities of Prudnik and Korfantów expressed their interest in investment. Moreover, the land reclamation specialists are also convinced of its necessity. Currently, we are waiting for authorization of the geological studies that are necessary to kick off the project” – says Miro Samonek, one of the company representatives in Poland. More detailed press release see here


Technological advances have the power to dramatically transform and improve our lives, our health, our society and our world as a whole. Therefore, we believe it’s extremely important to support new and developing technology, especially since funding is often a limiting factor. Without funding, many of these new life-changing technologies may never come to the fore,’ explained 383 Liger Managing Partner Matt Samonek