Welcome to 383 Liger

383 Liger is an independently-owned investment firm based in Liechtenstein. At 383 Liger, we seek to invest in a diverse range of ventures in the fields of technology, mining and energy.

383 Liger maintains a diverse portfolio, managed by experts with well over a decade of experience in the industry. Currently, our portfolio includes ventures on three continents and the 383 Liger investment team is perpetually on the lookout for new opportunities.

We maintain a profitable, well-capitalized firm with investments in a diverse range of ventures. We are fully funded by internal investors. We do not solicit nor accept investments from external entities. Our primary focus centers around global equity portfolio management.

We are committed to promoting projects that provide a local benefit, especially on an economic and social level. We’re proud to support a wide range of ventures that provide jobs to local citizens, while simultaneously raising awareness and preserving the environmen. To learn more about 383 Liger, we invite you to visit our sections on Mining, Technology and Energy. To contact 383 Liger, visit our contact page.

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