383 Liger is an investment firm with a vast array of holdings in the technology sector. In fact, of the firm’s three investment sectors —- mining, energy and technology —- technology accounts for the largest percentage of 383 Liger’s investments.

Collectively, the members of the 383 Liger investment group maintain a very firm belief in the importance of supporting companies, agencies and other entities that are spearheading research and development of cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology.

‘Technological advances have the power to dramatically transform and improve our lives, our health, our society and our world as a whole. Therefore, we believe it’s extremely important to support new and developing technology, especially since funding is often a limiting factor. Without funding, many of these new life-changing technologies may never come to the fore,’ explained 383 Liger Managing Partner Matt Samonek.

From investing in technology sector companies in the stock markets, to funding start-up companies, 383 Liger maintains holdings in an array of different areas within the technology sector, including IT, mobile and internet technologies, semi-conductor development and energy production, stem cell research and other medical technologies and beyond. In addition to promoting green, eco-friendly technology and technological advances that have the power to change our world in a positive way, 383 Liger also works to support ventures that serve to improve the local community by providing new jobs and raising awareness about important issues.

383 Liger is an investment firm that maintains 100 percent internal funding. Our diverse investment portfolio is managed by an expert team led by one of the industry’s best (with over a decade of experience in the sector).